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Keeping you on the road, within your budget with Quality Used Tires, is our SPECIALTY!

Tires are an important investment. Driving on old, bald, or damaged tires endangers you, your passengers, and others on the road – especially here in Colorado. New tires, however, are not always an option when you"re economizing or looking for the best value.  At The Used Tire Store, you can replace those worn out tires with quality used tires costing much, much less than new tires from the national chain stores. What"s more, we"ll help those tires last longer with proper mounting and balancing.  We service any size tire from 13 to 26 inches and offer rotation and repairs too. We"ll get you back on the road quickly and help keep you safe.

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Our Customer Satisfaction Guarantee

At The Used Tire Store, we take our used tires seriously. We go above and beyond the services of a typical used tire shop to make sure our customers" needs are met. We employ only the most highly trained technicians and the most knowledgeable staff. We believe we do it better, and for less, than our competition.  Because we pride ourselves on providing the best service and value to our customers,  we offer a Customer Satisfaction Guarantee.  If you are unsatisfied with your experience at The Used Tire Store,  let us know and we will fix it or give you your money back.  When you think of guaranteed quality and excellent service for used tires, think The Used Tire Store.

Quality Used Tires

We carry many take-off tires which are labeled as "˜used" but are in excellent condition.  Most of these tires are taken from vehicles whose owners decided to upgrade or change the look of their car at a dealership.  take-off tires normally have anywhere from 75 – 95% of tread remaining.  Even though these tires are like new, they are still sold as "˜used".  Our used tires are all well-inspected prior to sale and are repaired if needed.  The Used Tire Store has very strict policies as to what tires we are going to sell.

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